Anybody who knows me well knows that I am obsessed with watches. All types of watches are my favorite. I love all types of watches. Rado is a well-respected brand for watch enthusiasts. Although the name is well-known, most people don’t know much about the brand or what it stands for. Rado, a Swiss company, is a key player in the luxury watch industry on an international scale. Rado is known for its elegant and efficient design. Rado is a brand you should keep in mind if you want to learn more about luxury watches. Here are 10 facts you probably don’t know about Rado and its watches.

The watches are relatively rare

Fado watches are produced in very limited quantities each year unlike mass-produced brands. This makes them extremely rare. Rado watches are rare. Rado watches are limited to 500,000 per year, including all their exclusive designs. A few retailers also sell them.

Rado Didn’t Start As a Watch Company

Initially founded in 1917 as Schlup & Co. the company was a watch movement-manufacturing company. RadoUhren AG, a full-time watch maker, would be established in 1957.

Radi pioneered scratch-resistant technology

DiaSTar was the first watch to be scratch resistant. It was first introduced when the Schlup brothers opened their Lengnau business. This symbol was created to represent the company’s dedication to innovation and introducing cutting-edge technology.

Innovation continues

Rado not only created the first scratch-resistant watch but also the V10K, the hardest watch in the world, which was introduced to the public in 2002. The watch is not only diamond-studded but also made from a combination of sapphires, diamonds and other precious metals. Also, the watch is built with Swiss quartz precision.

Touch Technology — Another First

Rado is not just a luxury watch maker. They are an innovative company that pushes the boundaries and sets new standards in innovation. Rado is a leader in innovation and constant development within the watch industry. Rado is the inventor of the first touch-technology watch in the world. The watch is made of ceramic.

They consistently dominate the international market

Rado is a well-known international brand that you might not have heard of as often as TAG Hauer. However, since its debut, Rado has been a leader in international markets for quality and innovation.

The color consistency is unparalleled

Rado watches are well-known for their touch technology and ceramics. It is a remarkable feat that Rado has managed to maintain consistent color in their watches, something I didn’t mention. It is hard to maintain consistency in color when manufacturing ceramic products, but Rado does it, especially with their white and gray watches.

There are many Accolades

Over 30 international design awards have been awarded to the company for pioneering work and innovation. They are constantly leading the watch industry towards new heights of design and performance.

Their First Ladies Watch didn’t arrive until 1996

Rado was a watchmaker who specialized in making watches for men. They ventured into the world women’s watches in 1996. The Diaqueen was their first model, a stunning combination of white ceramic and gold. Despite its elegant design, the Diaqueen was still scratch-proof.

The Next Frontier

The company not only makes the most scratch-resistant watches but also pushes the boundaries in the field of water-resistant timepieces. These watches can withstand pressures of three bars and water infiltration up 30 meters. This is significant. In the near future, the company will offer more water-resistant models.

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