IWC VS Breguet: Which is the Best?

In a benchmark and comparison, two high-end luxury watchmakers compete to see which one is the best. Let’s get started, shall we?

Many ask us questions such as “Which watch is better: a Breguet, or an IWC?” This question can be asked in many contexts and come from many angles and places. We have tried to find the best way to answer this question. You can use the links menu below to jump to the section that answers your question.

IWC: Which one is best?


IWC claims that all tests are conducted within the specified standards in their journal “…all. IWC uses industry standards to the maximum extent possible. If not, IWC develops its standards or works within Richemont guidelines. There are mixed opinions on this watchmaker’s accuracy. They often use ebauche movement from ETA or another provider. They used reliable modular movements like the ETA Valjoux7750 chronograph movements. These are extremely reliable and easy to service by any watchmaker. This movement is used in many high-end watches. Some movements of IWC didn’t meet COSC specifications (-4/+6 seconds per day). To ensure maximum reliability and dependability, IWC rigorously tests every watch.

Although the Breguet company does not necessarily have their watches COSC-certified, they have shown in the past that they can make watches much more precise than COSC standards.

Brand Recognition

Interbrand, a brand evaluation agency that ranks the best brands by industry and region, says these brands are among the top 50 Swiss brands.

Breguet is one of the 25 best-known Swiss brands, while IWC is one of the 31 best-recognized Swiss brands.

Breguet is the 6 most expensive Swiss watchmaker brands, while IWC is the 10 most beloved Swiss watchmaker brand.

Breguet is, therefore, the winner in terms of the brand that will attract more attention.

Brand Prestige

Both watchmakers produce stunning watches and enjoy the respect and admiration of watch enthusiasts around the globe. Breguet, however, is a different watchmaker than IWC.

It is worth learning a little history about the brand to understand why. Breguet was established in 1775 and is one of the oldest watchmaking companies. This gives Breguet a distinct level of prestige compared to IWC (1868).

Breguet also contributed many contributions to the craft, including the self-winding and tourbillon watches, as well as the first wristwatch made in 1810 (Breguet No. 2516), to name just a few, the original shock protection system, Breguet undercools, and many inventions to combat magnetism to name a couple.

It is not to suggest that IWC isn’t a respected brand or that it hasn’t done its share. They have. They are just not as good as Breguet, so they don’t belong in the same league.

Retail Value

IWC watches start at about one-third the price of the most expensive Breguet watches.

IWC Siderale Scafusia was the most expensive IWC watch to date, at $750,000. There were many models with higher prices of more than $100,000.

Breguet Grande Complication Marie Antoinette was the most expensive Breguet watch, selling for $10 million. There have been many other watches that sold for more than 1 million dollars.

Resale Value

While not everyone buys a watch considering the potential sale price, it is a common practice for flippers and those who like to update their collections frequently to consider these factors. I often correct people who say, “I’m thinking investing into an IWC watch, or a Breguet Watch”, and remind them that watches, like any consumer product, lose some value once used.

However, certain brands and watches are more likely to retain their value than others. Rolex and Patek Phillipe are two great examples. These brands are more valuable than any other brand. Breguet watches and IWC watch both have similar average resale values when they are sold on the used marketplace.

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